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      Pierre  Abondance
   René  Baarslag
Francisco  Barba          
Jesús  Bellido  
Manuel  Bellido    
Miguel Àngel  Bellido              
            José  López Bellido
Hugues  Boivin       
Christelle  Caillot          
Manuel  Camargo
Juan Miguel  Carmona         
Vicente  Carrillo    
Alejandro  Cervantes   
Juan Antonio  Correa Marín    
Jean-Marc  De Beys       
    Andrés  Dominguez
     Eduardo Durán  Ferrer
Vladimir  Druzhinin  
       Rolf  Eichinger 
    Vincent  Engelbrecht
      Ana  Espinosa
             Olivier  Fanton d'Andon
   Daniel  Friederich
 Antonio José  García                 
      Juan Manuel García Fernández
                José  González López
               Juan  Labella Manjon
Vassilis  Lazarides 
Valerio  Licari       
Casimiro  Lozano        
Victor  Lozano 
      Marc  Maingard  
      Pedro  Maldonado
         Felix  Manzanero 
           Antonio  Marín Montero  
              José  Marín Plazuelo
Bernd  Martin   
Lucas  Martin    
                  Juan  Montero Aguilera
                  Rafael  Moreno Rodriguez
Thomas  Norwood  
      Marc  Peirelinck
         Jerónimo  Peña Fernández
Gracilano  Pérez           
Antonio  Picado     
Romuald  Provost       
  José  Ramirez
Manuel  Reyes     
                José  Rodríguez Peña
                José  Ruiz Pedregosa
Federico  Sheppard  
Stephan  Schlemper
Jasper  Sender    
...& others !...
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Hello !


You are here on the website from " Guitarreria .eu "

We wish you a warm welcome in this place dedicated to the passion of quality acoustic guitar

" Guitarreria .eu " is not just another commercial shop but an association of professionals sharing this same passion for the craft of luthier of the highest level

This exists thanks to their patience and researches in order to introduce guitar makers less known of general public and whose exceptional works are really to be discovered

This concept exists thanks to the patience and research of a passionate professional,
Jean-Marc De Beys, luthier himself, in order to present luthiers well known or less known to the general public, whose work is really worth seeing

THE place -unique in Europe-
more than 100 luthier guitars available !

" Guitarreria .eu " --- unique concept in Europe --- currently presents more than 100 luthier guitars available ... and ... the site is so far having more than 500 pages .... and more than 4000 pictures
Specifically centred on top-range guitars we present you here carefully selected instruments

This website is always "under construction" ... sometimes hard to follow between our journeys visiting guitar makers
nevertheless it is including more and more pages, day after day, presenting classical and flamenco guitars that we have the pleasure to show you

In addition, with the time we will try to provide also more information about the art et technique of lutherie in order to also discover these fascinating alchemies

Please take the time to read our pages "Luthiers" et "Philosophy" in order to understand our goals
Also, on the page "Others" you can find interesting link's to artists and events ...and others

We give the priority to answer your numerous questions, to give you all the time needed to try the guitars here on the spot, your special orders, and so on    ... also -essential- our researches

In the same time we try to handle as soon as possible the updates of the website but please we ask you to excuse us for the inconveniences such as missing translations (the site is originally created in French language) so sorry indeed if all pages are not translated in English, but you can indeed use a web translation tool (such as the Google Tool) to read our pages in many other langagues
Here as at the place of each craftsman we do "all by myself" "with a little help from my friends"

We sincerely hope to offer you here a beautiful journey through the extraordinary world of the best lutherie's of classical and flamenco guitar

Wishing you to find here what every guitarist is looking for... "the" guitar of your dreams !

Thank you for visiting our website. At your disposal, just come to meet us and try all these guitars

Sincerely yours.

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